Gymnastics attire is normally a leotard for girls and a gymnastics singlet and shorts for male gymnasts. Initially, recreational gymnasts may wear a t-shirt and shorts to training but once your child is established and has committed to attending classes, we prefer all gymnasts wear gymnastics training leotards, singlets and shorts as appropriate. Competitive male gymnasts will also require gymnastics longs or whites for competitions. Orders for club track suits, t-shirts and polo shirts are taken throughout the year.

Competitive gymnasts will also need to obtain hand guards, ring guards, sweatbands, gloves and loops for training on A-bars, high bar and rings as appropriate. These items can be purchased through our preferred supplier Gymnastics Express at .

All gymnasts need to bring a water bottle with a suitable drink to training. The gym is a dry environment and gymnasts need to be sufficiently hydrated to train at their best.

Please note that no form of jewellery or adornment of any kind is permitted during gymnastics sessions. Should your child have earrings, they must be removed before your child can participate in a gymnastics class for everyone’s safety.

Please speak to your child’s coach regarding what equipment your child may need for his or her level of gymnastics training.